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The Look Good…Feel Better programme is currently operating in the following hospitals:



The Mater

St. James’s


Cork University Hospital

Letterkenny General Hospital

Limerick University Hospital

Galway University Hospital

Waterford University Hospital


This year, almost 100 workshops in Ireland will be organised. For further information, please contact


If you are interested in attending a workshop, please contact your oncology nurse or the Daffodil Centre in the hospital where you are a patient.

Margaret Heffernan

Programme Manager

Emily Dunne

Programme Manager

Margaret Heffernan and Emily Dunne took over as Programme Managers in August 2014.  They both have vast experience in the cosmetic industry having worked for some of the main luxury brands for many years.  Both spent some years as freelance make-up and skincare advisors and they also have a background in training.

Emily was involved in the original setting up of Look Good Feel Better in Ireland in 2003 and Margaret came on board as a volunteer in 2005.  Having volunteered passionately ever since then, they were both delighted to take over as Programme Managers and hope to extend the programme to more hospitals and reach more women than ever.

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