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Losing your hair


Losing your hair during treatment for cancer can be one of the most difficult side-effects.  Many women lose all or some of their hair, while others don’t lose any.


Ask your oncologist what to anticipate and find out if there is anything you can do to help retain your hair. Then, speak with a hairstylist or hair-loss adviser to find out what to do if your hair thins, and what you can expect when it grows back.


Whether your hair thins or you lose all of it, please know that you can anticipate it growing back once your treatment is over. In the meantime, the Look Good Feel Better community is here to offer courage, strength, support and peace of mind.


Volunteer Hair Loss experts regularly come to our workshops to offer their expertise and address any concerns. Always refer to your healthcare professional before colouring hair whilst it is growing back. 

Cancer patient putting on scarf
Cancer patient putting on make up
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